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JobGiraffe knows that as your business changes,
so do your staffing needs…

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JobGiraffe has been keeping pace with business in Chicago since 1964, creating and delivering the staffing services companies need to succeed because we already have, or will find, the candidates they're looking for.

JobGiraffe offers the following services:

Direct-Hire Staffing

Every hire counts today more than ever. You need candidates with the right education, skills and experience to not only match your requirements, but who will fit in with your organization from day one – and you don't have time to sort 1,000 resumes to find them. JobGiraffe’s seasoned professional consultants will provide you with the best talent from which to select and build your team.

Temp-to-Hire/Contract-to-Hire Staffing

JobGiraffe actively recruits temporary and contract staff that are ultimately seeking direct hire positions with our clients. When you know you may want to make a hire and start someone on a temporary basis, we'll identify the right person to do the job today – and who will be interested in working directly for your firm when you're ready.

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Whether you need one person or a full team – for one location or many – JobGiraffe will provide carefully sourced, selected and screened temporary and contract staff to augment your full-time workforce. All temporary and contract employees are covered by an unconditional first day guarantee for each and every new assignment. Additional days can be added, if needed, based on the length and complexity of the assignment.

Long-Term Project Staffing

JobGiraffe’s long-term project staffing is the right solution for any company that needs a group of people to perform specific tasks for a period of time. Whether you're looking for call center representatives, clerical help or other talent, we can provide you with skilled project staff as well as shift leaders, check-in services and many other options as a part of our customized programs.

Payrolling Services

JobGiraffe payrolling services are available when you have identified people for your organization, either through our placement services or independently, yet prefer not to make the full direct-hire investment, either temporarily or permanently. JobGiraffe will handle timekeeping, payroll and administration, keeping your organization more efficient and productive.

Outsourcing and Specialized Staffing Services

JobGiraffe can create a program for your company to provide extra support beyond traditional staffing needs. From specialized outreach and recruitment marketing programs, to screening candidates that approach you directly or using specialized assessments unique to your organization, we'll work with you to develop the program you need.

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