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Pamela Wing

Office Manager/Consultant, Chicago-O’Hare

Pam has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 1979 (she started when she was 12). Pam loves her years of a successful career and enjoys a busy home life with her wonderful family and friends. A graduate of Western Michigan University with years of active support and affiliations with several local charitable organizations. Pam is a sports enthusiast who loves football, golf, bowling, tennis and would never decline a dance!

"The best part of working at JobGiraffe is the enjoyment of working with people. The relationships that have been created over the years bring great memories and many smiles. The days fly by ...and so have the years! I consider myself so very lucky to have found a great company and the perfect job for me."

Phone: (773) 693-9070

Alison Russell

Consultant, Chicago-O’Hare

Although new to JobGiraffe, Alison is very familiar with matching great candidates to the employers who need them having devoted her Staffing career to assisting both veterans and dislocated workers with specialized professional certification training and career placement opportunities.

She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Merchandising Management from the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago and is presently pursuing her Master’s degree and professional certification in Project Management.

When Alison is not assisting Job Seekers and Clients, she devotes the majority of her focus on her incredible nine year old son. Alison also has a passion for water sports and homeopathic, alternative methods to health and wellness.

Phone: (773) 693-9070

Andrew Horwitz

Verification Manager, Chicago-O’Hare

Andrew is a graduate of Tulane University with degrees in Political Economy and History. After being involved in two start-up ventures post graduation, Andrew learned his true talent lies in Human Capital Management. At JobGiraffe, Andrew will use the consulting talent that comes so naturally to him when working with Job Seekers and Clients, and his role within the Corporate team allows him to use his strategic planning skills to their fullest.

When he finds a spare moment, he enjoys traveling, working out, reading non-fiction and staying up on politics, current events, and global economics - all while satisfying his inner foodie. Often unorthodox, but always interesting, Andrew injects his abundant passion, intensity, and goal-oriented zeal into everything he does.

"I view my role as a JobGiraffe consultant as being similar to that of a relationship strategist. We want our candidates to find a company where they can grow and thrive in a corporate culture that makes them happy and fulfilled when they go to work every day. We want our corporate partners to feel that our candidates will bring what every company desires of its employees; the skills and commitment needed to help achieve common goals. I love helping to facilitate that process."

Phone: (773) 693-0480

Kevin Kalisz

Verification Specialist, Chicago-O’Hare

Kevin has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Microbiology, and when he isn't verifying information, he enjoys hang gliding, dolphin training, and spending time with his twins Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. He loves animals and spends his time volunteering at a local animal shelter. He also enjoys traveling. He has visited 49 states, but he hopes to visit Puerto Rico soon.

"The best part about working at Job Giraffe is that the phone never stops ringing. It's really great when I can actually understand what they are saying or know what they are talking about (which is rare), but at the end of the day they let me go home, so, that's nice."

Phone: (773) 693-0480

Megan Seeger

Verification Specialist, Chicago-O’Hare

Megan is a recent graduate of Illinois State University, earning Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. With recruiting being one of her main interests in the HR field, working at JobGiraffe has been a great way her to learn all the ins and outs of the staffing industry and gain insight into the recruiting and selecting aspect of HR. After getting her first taste in staffing industry as a JobGiraffe intern, she is glad to be back as part of the JobGiraffe staff and assist with the task of placing great candidates with employers. In her free time, Megan enjoys a wide range of hobbies including traveling, reading, working out, or just relaxing with friends.

Ben Horwitz

Verification Specialist, Chicago-O’Hare

Ben is a new addition to the JobGiraffe team. He graduated from the University of Washington where he double-majored in History and Geography. He subsequently attended the University of Chicago, studying Math and Economics, until he decided to take the year off to work.

Ben has held several jobs in local and national politics where he has put his organizing, leadership, and inter-personal skills to the test. He is also the Youth Group Leader at his lifelong Synagogue. Ben wants to take the skills that he has learned as an educator and political organizer and apply them to the business world.

When he gets a free moment (which is rare) Ben enjoys reading, exercising, and attending Renaissance Faires, where he takes on the role of Gypsy Prince. He is also a talented cook who dreams of owning a restaurant one day.

Phone: (773) 693-0480

Chris Rios

Research Coordinator, Chicago-O’Hare

Chris was born and raised in the city of Chicago. He is currently working on saving up and getting back into school to finish his Pre-Law / Justice Studies Degree at Northeastern Illinois University. In the meantime, he is a Latin Dance Instructor/Choreographer at the Dance Academy of Salsa. Dancing takes Chris all around the United States to perform, teach, and choreograph. His dance career is focused during the evenings and weekends, so when the offer was presented to join the JobGiraffe staff, it was the perfect opportunity to gain some office experience.

Chris’ primary role at JobGiraffe is supporting the consultants by researching contact info for prospective clients. He has also stepped into the role of receptionist at the O’Hare branch. He enjoys the office setting and the opportunity to work alongside others and help out on a daily basis.

Phone: (773) 693-9070

Amanda Izaguirre

Recruiting and Staffing Coordinator, Chicago-O’Hare

Amanda is a recent graduate from Illinois State University having earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She also recently finished an intensive one-year internship as a substance abuse counselor at an outpatient rehabilitation clinic. Throughout her internship not only did her skills as a caseworker develop but also, most importantly, she was able to fulfill her passion for helping people.

Before beginning her master’s program, Amanda feels it is important to gain experience within the business world, yet still help others.

For many summers prior, Amanda was placed on temporary office jobs through JobGiraffe. Becoming a Recruiting Coordinator gives her the opportunity to see both aspects of the employment process; having been the job seeker in the past she will now learn the duties of a being a placement consultant. Amanda is looking forward to gaining new skills and knowledge while at JobGiraffe.

In her free time Amanda enjoys traveling, boxing and playing with her dog.

Phone: (773) 693-9070


Diane Padilla

Office Manager/Consultant, Downers Grove

Diane started with JobGiraffe right after she graduated from Elmhurst College in 1988 - and she is still placing great candidates into great jobs! She has two children and when not working she loves to spend time with family and friends, traveling and bargain shopping.

"The greatest thing about working at JobGiraffe is the opportunity to meet new people everyday and make a difference in someone's life by helping them find that new great job!"

Phone: (630) 241-3800

Cheryl Comerford

Consultant, Downers Grove

Cheryl has a degree in Marketing from Indiana University and has been with JobGiraffe since 1983. She has worked in eight locations throughout her career. When not in the office, Cheryl enjoys traveling, getting together with family and friends, and spending time with her five grandchildren.

Cheryl was referred to JobGiraffe by a friend. During her interview she stated she did not want to be a "secretary". Now thirty years later, she feels she has found her "niche" and still loves the challenge of searching for the "best fit" for both the applicant and the employer. She attributes her success to her positive attitude, motivation and a genuine interest in people.

"I feel self-satisfaction knowing I have made a difference in someone's career. The excitement and appreciation from the applicant makes all my hard work worthwhile."

Phone: (630) 241-3800

Lisa Hill

Consultant/Temp Manager, Downers Grove

Lisa has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) since 1989. A career in staffing has brought together Lisa's two passions: working one on one with individuals, and having a job where no two moments are alike. Lisa has a unique role at JobGiraffe where she is a Permanent Placement Consultant in Downers Grove and also the Temp Manager for the Chicago/O’Hare office, so she can fill any position that comes up. Lisa spends much of her spare time with her dogs just enjoying life around the house. She and her husband have two grown children and are kept busy keeping up with them.

"The best part about working at JobGiraffe is the challenge that comes with working with the clients and the applicants. Once the right person is found for the job there are always objections and concerns to overcome. But when the day is done and the job is is good!"

Chicago-O’Hare: (773) 693-9080
Downers Grove:  (630) 241-4040

Liza Farrell

Consultant, Downers Grove

Liza has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) since 1993. She joined the company after enlisting their help in her own search for new employment. After finding out that Paige was in fact hiring at the time for their internal staff, Liza interviewed for the position of Temporary Staffing Manager and was subsequently hired. Liza spent a little over 6 years working in the temporary employment division before transferring to the role of permanent placement consultant, where she has been ever since! She enjoys her position as it is both very challenging as well as rewarding! Making the match between employer and employee has always been one of her greatest strengths.

A recommendation from a client of Liza’s who has worked with her on both sides of the fence multiple times; first as a client, then a job-seeker and again as a client. (Taken from Liza’s LinkedIn account):

“Over the past few years I have worked with Liza on many occasions. Liza consistently displays high levels of professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm. She has an excellent work ethic which has supported her ability to build strong relationships and successfully deliver results.”

Phone: (630) 241-3800

Brandi Gentile

Consultant/Temp Manager, Downers Grove

Brandi has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 2000. She is very dedicated to working with her clients to fulfill their needs. Brandi enjoys learning as much as she can about each candidate and client to successfully make the right match. She has her hands full at home with two small boys. They enjoy family time - which mostly includes outdoor activities like boating, fishing, camping, and hiking. 

"What I love most about working at JobGiraffe is every day is a new challenge. I never get bored! I’ve met so many wonderful people over the years and so many of those have grown into great friendships. I truly enjoy helping people - and to me there is nothing more rewarding!"

Phone: (630) 241-3800


Beverly Rumishek

Office Manager/Consultant/Temp Manager, Schaumburg

Beverly has been with JobGiraffe since October of 1992 and it has been a life changing experience. Bev was hired with no prior experience in staffing, but was trained by the "best" in the industry and has had a very successful career. As a single mother of four, both career and home life has been a challenge and at the same time extremely rewarding.

“The best part of working at JobGiraffe is the challenge and satisfaction for a job well done. To make a difference in someone's life is very gratifying.”

Phone: (847) 969-0338

Stevie Solita

Consultant, Schaumburg

Stevie has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) since 2003. She quickly fit right in and became an integral part of the team, with an open, down to earth, easy-to-talk-to personality, and a desire to help not only her clients get the best people for their needs, but also to help her applicants find their ideal job. Stevie has three grown, married children and two grandchildren. In her spare time, she loves spending as much time as possible with her kids and grandchildren.   In addition to spending quality time with family, she enjoys going out with friends, cooking, and hanging out in her pool in the summer.

“The best part of working for Job Giraffe is knowing that I can help someone achieve their career goals and really set them up for success. It’s very gratifying.”

Phone: (847) 969-0338

Donna Steinbrecher

Consultant, Schaumburg

Donna joined JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) in 1983, after being in outside sales for over 3 years, seeking a more structured work environment so she could be at home with her two small children nights and weekends. Although hired as a ‘permanent placement’ consultant, Donna also worked with the ‘temporary placement’ division of the company, thus giving her an excellent perspective on the temporary needs of our clients. Though she is considered as one of the more "senior" consultants (longevity seems to prevail at JobGiraffe), please note that Donna was just a "child" when she began! Donna loves to dance, spend time with her two grandchildren and finds great relaxation in gardening.

"There is no greater satisfaction than that simple "thank you" received from the applicant you finally place at a new position! Hearing the gratitude and excitement in their voice makes it all worthwhile."

Phone: (847) 969-0338

Marie Tuttle

Consultant, Schaumburg

Marie came to JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) after graduating form North Central College in Naperville looking to be placed in her first career position. When her consultant asked, "What would you think about working here?" she responded with, well, "What is it you actually do here?" That was 1984 and today she, happily, is one of the, shall we say, more senior consultants! Marie loves to travel, spend time with family and friends and has an admitted compulsion for shopping.

“The best part of working at JobGiraffe is telling someone, ‘You got the job!’ To have such an impact in someone's life is overwhelming.”

Phone: (847) 969-0338


Sharon Murphy

Office Manager/Consultant, Vernon Hills

Sharon has been managing the Vernon Hills office of JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 1992.  She has maintained strong relationships with many of her clients for more than 15 years with great success.  Sharon develops a strong rapport with her candidates to assist them in their job search, and has remained friends with many of them years after placing them with a terrific company.  Sharon is very proud of her two sons who are pursuing their PhDs.  In her spare time she loves to cruise to tropical destinations, read and master Sudoku puzzles.

"It's a very rewarding feeling when you know you make a difference in peoples' lives. That's what I’m able to do at JobGiraffe."

Phone: (847) 362-4696

Debra Gates

Consultant, Vernon Hills

Deb has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 1999. When not creating successful matches between client companies and job seekers, Deb likes to spend time with her family and friends.  She and her husband have two teenage sons who are active in golf, bowling, basketball and baseball.

"The best part of working at JobGiraffe is the ‘feel-good’ feeling you get when you help change somebody’s life by finding them the right position. It’s just so rewarding!"

Phone: (847) 362-4696

Mimi Buckner

Consultant/Temp Manager, Vernon Hills

Mimi started her career with JobGiraffe in 1998. She currently holds a unique position as the manager of the Vernon Hills temporary division along with being a permanent consultant. Outside of work, Mimi has two incredible daughters who keep her busy. She has a passion for gardening and spending as much time in the sun as possible during the summer. During the winter, you will normally find her next to a fireplace trying to stay warm.

“JobGiraffe encompasses what I hold dear to my heart; being ethical, kind, honest and being the best. I use these values to find the best applicants for the best companies.”

Phone: (847) 247-1212


Sean Brna

Social Media & Recruitment Advertising, All Locations

Sean has been with JobGiraffe for over 3 years and helped with the complicated transition from Paige Personnel to JobGiraffe, including assisting with the creation of the new website. He has the responsibilities of posting our job advertisements on multiple websites, in addition to helping with our social media and internet communications. This means he has an important position in that he constantly interacts with everyone within the company, always looking to make improvements to how the company finds the best applicants for our clients.

Sean currently holds two Bachelors degrees from Tulane University in History and Philosophy and lives in central Chicago not far from the lake and the beaches he loves. He is an avid fan of the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, Blackhawks, and Barça soccer. When Sean is not working on JobGiraffe responsibilities he is the Editor of a music website and writes many album, concert, and festival reviews. He can always be found listening to tunes when he's not busy with work.


Charles Posner

Consultant/Program Coordinator, All Locations

Charles is one of the newest additions to the JobGiraffe team. After earning his degree from The University of Illinois at Chicago, Charles was placed by JobGiraffe at a well-known local publishing company where he joined the mass market sales team. There he honed his sales and marketing skills and strategic planning ability before coming back to JobGiraffe to become part Consultant, part Recent Grad Program Coordinator. In his spare time Charles enjoys going to the gym, cooking and going to baseball games.

“My favorite part of working at JobGiraffe is helping recent college grads learn how to market and sell themselves in order to find the job that is the best fit for them - as well as for the client!”

Phone: (773) 693-9070  


Megan Seeger

Megan is currently a Senior at Illinois State University studying Human Resource Management and Psychology. After having trouble choosing between her wide range of interests - everything from zoology to film production - Megan decided to focus on a career path where she can interact with a variety of people and, most important, help others develop new skills and find a place where their talents can best be utilized.

Megan is excited to be a part of the JobGiraffe team for the summer and looks forward to the opportunity to assist in the challenge of matching great candidates to employers. When not busy with school or work, she can be found engaging in any of her many hobbies including traveling, crafting, learning to play new musical instruments, or just relaxing at the beach.

Mohini Sharma

Mohini, currently a Senior in Marketing and Management at Valparaiso University, has come all the way from Indiana to be a new face at JobGiraffe. After taking several Human Resource classes, she developed a strong interest in the field. Mohini feels she will be exposed to the many avenues of Human Resources as she marches into the wonderful world of JobGiraffe.

Mohini is a huge fan of art and drama. She loves to try various new food dishes and loves music. She also takes responsibilities very seriously and believes there are three primary objectives for any successful professional - punctuality, having a strong mind set and always upholding your ethical responsibilities.

"The best thing about working for JobGiraffe this summer is having the opportunity to gain more knowledge in the Human Resource field and experience such a wide variety of its applications."

Valencia Dorsey

Although Valencia is a Human Resources intern at JobGiraffe this summer, the focus of her undergraduate study is in Criminal Justice. She has come to JobGiraffe to hone and develop her critical thinking skills outside of her academics and also to gain important ‘real world’ business experience.

Valencia currently attends Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and is now in her Senior year. "I feel JobGiraffe has all the right components of the business world that I seek to gain experience in, particularly in giving me an insight into the job search and staffing process."

In her spare time, Valencia enjoys reading fiction novels and spending time with her family. If she’s out and about, you’ll find her visiting many of Chicago's main attractions; particularly going to different restaurants.

Eleni Karahalios

Eleni was born and raised in the Chicagoland area, but is currently a senior studying Economics at Denison University in Ohio. Her undergraduate studies also include minors in both Psychology and English writing, with an Organizational Studies certificate.

Recently, Eleni completed an intensive month-long program where she visited and participated in several consulting seminars with companies such as Yahoo!, Deloitte, Salesforce and Citibank. By doing so she recognized the vital role that people play in business. Coupled with Eleni's undeniable passion for people and interest in organizational business culture, she has gained even more enthusiasm for the field of Human Resources.

Through this internship Eleni is eager to work hard, accept challenges that promote her to think critically and learn to communicate more effectively with people. She is both honored and excited to be a part of the JobGiraffe team. In her free time, Eleni enjoys dancing, volunteering and anything that has to do with her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta.

Reese Lawless

Our youngest JobGiraffe intern for Summer 2013 is Reese. He is currently a Sophomore majoring in Physics at Illinois State University. His affinity for mathematics coupled with a fascination for the complex inner machinations of the natural world drives him to continually ask questions and seek discovery in all things around him.

But why would a Physics major want to take an HR internship at a staffing firm? Reese jumped at the chance to join the JobGiraffe team in order to gain experience in a professional office environment. Being highly motivated, he wants to be challenged with unfamiliar responsibilities and learn what it takes, not only to be a productive individual employee, but also how to be an effective member of a team. While doing so he plans to always be looking for ways to improve the overall efficiency of any task he and/or his team undertake.

Ellen San

Ellen is a graduating Senior from East West University with a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science. Ellen's choice of major and interest in HR and Staffing are an interesting story! Her family immigrated to the U.S. many years ago, so Ellen and her siblings attended U.S. public schools and learned English as children, but due to her mother's lack of English proficiency in the early years, Ellen always served as her mother's translator! If her mom needed help with a situation at work, Ellen would go with her to the HR Department to help her translate.

As as result of this formative experience, Ellen not only gained an understanding of what a human resources department does, but it also sparked her interest in learning more about human behavior and development, particularly as it relates to career development. Ellen loves to help others find jobs!

During her Senior year Ellen had an opportunity to intern at a Chicago-based marketing firm as an HR/Office Management Assistant. Since her interest in the HR and Staffing fields continues to grow, she firmly believes another internship at JobGiraffe this summer will offer her an even greater opportunity to be exposed to more avenues of Human Resources and now Staffing itself.

Ellen is excited to be part of the JobGiraffe team.When she is not busy with work or school, she enjoys listening to music, traveling, and reading novels.

Abdul Noor

Although Abdul is new to JobGiraffe, he has experience dealing with applicants in his previous internships. He had experience from looking at their resumes to their applications. Transitioning from that to JobGiraffe is a perfect setting for Abdul. He loves and enjoys working at JobGiraffe.

Abdul currently attends DePaul University where he is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Political Science.

In his free time, Abdul loves watching sports on TV as well as watching documentaries. Abdul also loves traveling and dreams of traveling to Spain and to the Virgin Islands one day.

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