Meet our Consultants and Staff


Andrew Horwitz

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Andrew is a graduate of Tulane University with degrees in Political Economy and History. After being involved in two start-up ventures post graduation, Andrew learned his true talent lies in Human Capital Management.

Being part of the Corporate team allows him to use his strategic planning skills to their fullest.

When he finds a spare moment, he enjoys traveling, working out, reading non-fiction and staying up on politics, current events, and global economics - all while satisfying his inner foodie. Often unorthodox, but always interesting, Andrew injects his abundant passion, intensity, and goal-oriented zeal into everything he does.

(773) 693-0480

Patty Browar

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Patty worked for JobGiraffe (then Paige Personnel) for 10 years from 1996 to 2006. She is rejoining JobGiraffe for “Round 2” to continue the work she loves doing most. During her time away from JobGiraffe, Patty obtained a number of skills related to higher-level recruiting, which she is hoping to put into practice as she returns to our Chicago O'Hare office.

When not working, Patty enjoys reading, going out to restaurants (sushi!) and, most of all, spending time with her family on the family farm with their 3 dogs, 2 goats, 3 bunnies and 14 chickens.

(773) 693-0480

Julieann Zych

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Julieann spent over 12 years with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Originally hired as a part of our Temporary Staffing team, she then spent several years working "double duty" as both a Temporary Coordinator and Permanent Placement Consultant. Ultimately she moved into the corporate office of Paige, and pioneered our background checking and drug testing procedures. She is rejoining the JobGiraffe team in 2017 to work directly with candidates once again; helping them to find jobs with Chicago’s top companies!

When not busy working, you can find her on the bike trail, roller blading or at an antique sale looking for the next piece to refinish!

(773) 693-0480


Diane Padilla

Office Manager & Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Diane started with JobGiraffe right after she graduated from Elmhurst College in 1988 - and she is still placing great candidates into great jobs! She has two children and when not working she loves to spend time with family and friends, traveling and bargain shopping.

"The greatest thing about working at JobGiraffe is the opportunity to meet new people everyday and make a difference in someone's life by helping them find that new great job!"

(630) 241-3800

Pamela Wing

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Pam has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 1979 (she started when she was 12). Pam loves her years of a successful career and enjoys a busy home life with her wonderful family and friends. A graduate of Western Michigan University with years of active support and affiliations with several local charitable organizations. Pam is a sports enthusiast who loves football, golf, bowling, tennis and would never decline a dance!

"The best part of working at JobGiraffe is the enjoyment of working with people. The relationships that have been created over the years bring great memories and many smiles. The days fly by ...and so have the years! I consider myself so very lucky to have found a great company and the perfect job for me."

(630) 241-3800

Liza Farrell

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Liza has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) since 1993. She joined the company after enlisting their help in her own search for new employment. After finding out that Paige was in fact hiring at the time for their internal staff, Liza interviewed for the position of Temporary Staffing Manager and was subsequently hired. Liza spent a little over 6 years working in the temporary employment division before transferring to the role of permanent placement consultant, where she has been ever since! She enjoys her position as it is both very challenging as well as rewarding! Making the match between employer and employee has always been one of her greatest strengths.

A recommendation from a client of Liza’s who has worked with her on both sides of the fence multiple times; first as a client, then a job-seeker and again as a client. (Taken from Liza’s LinkedIn account):

“Over the past few years I have worked with Liza on many occasions. Liza consistently displays high levels of professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm. She has an excellent work ethic which has supported her ability to build strong relationships and successfully deliver results.”

(630) 241-3800

Brandi Gentile

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Brandi has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 2000. She is very dedicated to working with her clients to fulfill their needs. Brandi enjoys learning as much as she can about each candidate and client to successfully make the right match. She has her hands full at home with two small boys. They enjoy family time - which mostly includes outdoor activities like boating, fishing, camping, and hiking.

"What I love most about working at JobGiraffe is every day is a new challenge. I never get bored! I’ve met so many wonderful people over the years and so many of those have grown into great friendships. I truly enjoy helping people - and to me there is nothing more rewarding!"

(630) 241-3800


Beverly Rumishek

Office Manager & Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Beverly has been with JobGiraffe since October of 1992 and it has been a life changing experience. Bev was hired with no prior experience in staffing, but was trained by the "best" in the industry and has had a very successful career. As a single mother of four, both career and home life has been a challenge and at the same time extremely rewarding.

“The best part of working at JobGiraffe is the challenge and satisfaction for a job well done. To make a difference in someone's life is very gratifying.”

(847) 969-0338

Lisa Tuttle

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Lisa came to JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel) after graduating form North Central College in Naperville looking to be placed in her first career position. When her consultant asked, "What would you think about working here?" she responded with, well, "What is it you actually do here?" That was 1984 and today she, happily, is one of the, shall we say, more senior consultants! Lisa loves to travel, spend time with family and friends and has an admitted compulsion for shopping.

“The best part of working at JobGiraffe is telling someone, ‘You got the job!’ To have such an impact in someone's life is overwhelming.”

(847) 969-0338

Gail Lee

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Gail has been with JobGiraffe for more than 25 years, starting in 1988. In that time, Gail has been a consultant and a manager, and was responsible for background checking and verifications processes. After working in the corporate office for the past 14 years as Chief Compliance Officer, Gail says that returning to the Schaumburg office as a Consultant is like coming home. “Having the opportunity again to work with applicants and clients to reach their goals is truly an honor and privilege that I look forward to.”

Gail has two sons, two step daughters and a family that just keeps growing with seven grandchildren and another soon to come.

(847) 969-0338


Sharon Murphy

Office Manager & Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Sharon has been managing the Vernon Hills office of JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 1992. She has maintained strong relationships with many of her clients for more than 15 years with great success. Sharon develops a strong rapport with her candidates to assist them in their job search, and has remained friends with many of them years after placing them with a terrific company. Sharon is very proud of her two sons who are pursuing their PhDs. In her spare time she loves to cruise to tropical destinations, read and master Sudoku puzzles.

"It's a very rewarding feeling when you know you make a difference in peoples' lives. That's what I’m able to do at JobGiraffe."

(847) 362-4696

Debra Gates

Recruiting and Staffing Consultant

Deb has been with JobGiraffe (formerly Paige Personnel), since 1999. When not creating successful matches between client companies and job seekers, Deb likes to spend time with her family and friends.  She and her husband have two teenage sons who are active in golf, bowling, basketball and baseball.

"The best part of working at JobGiraffe is the ‘feel-good’ feeling you get when you help change somebody’s life by finding them the right position. It’s just so rewarding!"

(847) 362-4696


Sean Brna

Blog Writer at Large

Starting back in 2010, Sean was instrumental in the complicated transition from Paige Personnel Services to JobGiraffe in 2011. This included playing a significant role in the creation of our new website and many other important "behind the scenes" responsibilities as well. From creating the systems that support how we post our jobs on multiple websites, including our own, to initiating all of our social media and web-based communications since rebranding, Sean also conceptualized and founded our very successful Recent College Graduate initiative which was launched in 2014.

Although Sean has now moved to Nashville to pursue working with the music-related website he co-founded, he remains JobGiraffe's 'Blog Writer at Large" helping not only to write for our burgeoning blog, but also to source useful and interesting content for our readers on a weekly basis. 

Sean currently holds two Bachelor's degrees from Tulane University in History and Philosophy. He is an avid fan of the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, Blackhawks, and Barça soccer. When Sean is not working on JobGiraffe responsibilities, he is the Editor of and writes album, concert, and festival reviews.


Chris Kaage

Sales and Marketing Coordinator & Verifications - Chicago-O'Hare

Chris earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Northeastern Illinois University and has spent the last five years in retail management working for popular companies such as Under Armour and Dick's Sporting Goods.

During his time in retail management, Chris learned the importance of placing people in the correct positions in order for an operation to be most successful. This hiring and training experience lead him to develop an interest in HR, which has now brought him to recruiting and staffing and JobGiraffe.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing and watching sports.

(773) 693-0480

Ben Horwitz

Communications Director - Chicago-O’Hare

Ben is an exciting addition to the JobGiraffe team. Coming off assignment as the Political Director for a major 2014 congressional campaign, Ben brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to JobGiraffe’s corporate communications and digital outreach. His extensive experience with email campaigns, digital content management and social media will allow JobGiraffe to leverage their existing strategies and increase their reach by fully utilizing all the exciting opportunities created by New Media.

Ben is also a history buff who enjoys historical martial arts and cooking for friends and family.

“I admire the JobGiraffe organization. They’ve been around for over 50 years, adapting to both good markets and challenging ones I believe, because they always keep one eye on the future. I hope that I can help JobGiraffe achieve 50 more years of success.”

(773) 693-0480

Kevin Kalisz

Compliance and Verification Manager - Chicago-O’Hare

Kevin has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Microbiology, and when he isn't verifying information, he enjoys hang gliding, dolphin training, and spending time with his twins Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. He loves animals and spends his time volunteering at a local animal shelter. He also enjoys traveling. He has visited 49 states, but he hopes to visit Puerto Rico soon.

"The best part about working at Job Giraffe is that the phone never stops ringing. It's really great when I can actually understand what they are saying or know what they are talking about (which is rare), but at the end of the day they let me go home, so, that's nice."

(773) 693-0480

Kris Piet

General Manager - Chicago-O’Hare

Kris originally started with JobGiraffe in 1990, when it was still Paige Personnel. When asked, Kris explains her position as “everything that goes on behind the scenes… purchasing, advertising, human resources, payroll, facilities management… whatever needs to be done.”

When not working, Kris, who is a four year breast cancer survivor, can usually be found at an ice rink between August and May, watching her son and daughter play hockey, and on a boat during the summer.

“JobGiraffe is my family.”

(773) 693-0480

Janet O’Malley

Controller - Chicago-O’Hare

Jan initially came to what was then Paige Personnel in 1988 looking for a temporary job, was hired as a payroll clerk, and has never looked back. Now, 26 years later, Jan is the company Controller and handles all financial aspects of the company.

Jan is a life-long Chicago resident and loves the Blackhawks and the Cubs. She loves to travel, cook and entertain her large family and friends.

“The best thing about my job (and sometimes the worst thing) is that there is never enough time to get everything done.”

(773) 693-0480

Patti Whitney

Vice President & Recruiting and Staffing Consultant - Chicago-O’Hare

Patti virtually can't remember life before JobGiraffe. She was referred to then, Miss Paige Personnel Services, in1971 by her best friend who was a top consultant with the company. Her tenure with JobGiraffe has seen her in many roles from consultant to Vice President. Patti's life at home is equally fulfilling where she also wears many hats, friend, mother, sister, and best of all grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren. Cooking and entertaining are high on her list of "favorite hobbies."

"The most rewarding aspect of this job is the incredible impact we make on the lives we touch. Not only the applicants we place, but the wonderful staff I’ve worked with side by side through all these years."

(773) 693-9070

JobGiraffe 2017 Summer Interns


Caroline is a rising senior at North Central College working towards a degree in Human Resource Management and Marketing. When she is not at school she works as a full-time marketing director. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to new and exciting places, settling down with a good book and working out at the gym. Caroline is excited to join JobGiraffe and gain valuable skills and experience heading into her senior year!

Phone: (773) 693-9070


Cara is a rising senior at Marquette University in Milwaukee. She is working towards a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Psychology with minors in Human Resources, Criminology and Women’s and Gender Studies. Cara hopes to gain experience in the HR and Recruiting from real professionals, and to learn as much as she can. In her free time, she likes to spend time lounging next to the pool, reading books and (often) taking accidental naps.

Phone: (773) 693-9070


Jermara is a rising senior at Purdue University. She is working towards a bachelor’s degree in the College of Business in Human Resource Management with a focus in Organizational Leadership. Jermara hopes to one day launch her very own HR business where she can use her passion for professional development to help and inspire others. She is very excited to be joining JobGiraffe this summer!

Phone: (773) 693-9070

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