The JobGiraffe Process...

Finding the Best Candidates for Your Business

With over 50 years of experience, our operation is grounded in the fundamentals of effective recruiting and staffing - yet we embrace an innovative approach to talent acquisition designed to meet the ever-changing needs of both the market and our clients.

Sourcing Strategies

The JobGiraffe team leverages both traditional recruitment strategies and technology-based outreach to identify, engage, assess and refer qualified jobseekers to clients throughout the United States.  We have developed, honed and are continually perfecting a harmonized suite of sourcing tools designed to fill your open jobs with the best talent available in the market today.

Once you list your position with JobGiraffe, we aggressively employ these advanced sourcing strategies, while tailoring the specifics to meet the requirements of the job you have open.  By expertly utilizing proprietary sourcing techniques that harness the best and most innovative recruiting tools available, JobGiraffe mines the deepest, most extensive candidate pools available, while never losing it's surprisingly 'human' approach.

At JobGiraffe, finding top talent is our core competency!


All job seekers must submit their resume to begin the screening and evaluation process. If selected, potential candidates are contacted and asked to schedule a screening.

During each screening, multiple aspects of a candidate's background will be addressed and examined. Key information such as education, skills, experience, software knowledge and employment history will be discussed and other topics such as career goals, job preferences, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, wants vs. needs and desired salary vs. least considered salary are all reviewed.

Skills Assessment and Testing

Skills Assessment and Testing unique to each client's requirements can administered at the request of JobGiraffe's clients.

To view the list of current available testing available through JobGiraffe, click here.

Second Language Skills

Second language skills including Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian and many more, can also be tested and evaluated thru Prove It!

All testing by JobGiraffe is free to the client when performed with a for-fee search.

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