The JobGiraffe Process...

Finding the Best Candidates for Your Business

With over 50 years of experience, our operation is grounded in the fundamentals of effective recruiting and staffing - yet we embrace an innovative approach to talent acquisition designed to meet the ever-changing needs of both the market and our clients.

Sourcing Strategies

The JobGiraffe team leverages both traditional recruitment strategies and technology-based outreach to identify, engage, assess and refer qualified jobseekers to clients throughout Chicago and the Suburbs.  We have developed, honed and are continually perfecting a harmonized suite of sourcing resources designed to fill you open jobs with the best talent available in the market today.

Once you list your position with JobGiraffe, we aggressively employ these advanced sourcing strategies, while tailoring the specifics to meet the requirements of the job you have open.  By expertly utilizing proprietary sourcing techniques that harness the best and most innovative recruiting tools available, JobGiraffe draws upon economies of scale to identify and mine the deepest, most extensive candidate pools available.

At JobGiraffe, finding top talent is our core competency!

Screening, Interviewing, Verifications and Reference Checking

All job seekers must submit their resume to begin the screening and evaluation process. If selected, potential candidates are contacted and asked to schedule a screening.

During the screening we review both the candidate’s personal and professional information in addition to discussing their complete employment history and other topics such as career goals, job preferences, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and wants vs. needs.  All aspects of a candidate's background will all be addressed and examined.

We will also collect all information relating to their education, certifications and degrees, internship and volunteer experiences and military service history.

Ultimately, every facet of the education, military service and employment history will be verified on any candidate you choose to hire.

  • JobGiraffe will verify education directly with the institution itself whenever possible or through a certified verification clearing house where required.
  • JobGiraffe will verify all military service upon the candidate's presentation of an official DD214 or by verification through the DOD website.
  • JobGiraffe will verify dates of employment and collect employment references whenever possible.  This is done personally by the JobGiraffe verification staff or through a certified verification clearing house where required.

It’s our job to send you only thoroughly screened candidates.

Background Checking

Our process always includes some level of third-party background checking. Any additional third party background checks unique to your pre-employment requirements can be added, usually at no extra cost.

  • For the initial background check, JobGiraffe utilizes a premier third-party Chicago-based background checking service that personally checks live courthouse records in each jurisdiction ordered, regardless of the location, using the ‘hand pull’ method. Although there are many services offering online search tools that are faster and cheaper, over the years we have found these searches are frequently inaccurate and/or incomplete.
  • JobGiraffe will then run a Social Security trace (SSN Trace)
  • JobGiraffe will then run all counties (CRIMINAL Search) in which the candidate lived and/or worked during the last 7 years.  We will also search under any AKA’s that were discovered during the interview process and/or the Social Security Trace.

JobGiraffe will run any of the background checks listed below at no additional charge:

  • SSN Trace
  • County
  • Statewide
  • Nationwide Database
  • Nationwide Sex Offender
  • Federal Criminal
May include but is not limited to the following:
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • OFAC Report (Patriot Act Search)
  • Interpol Most Wanted
  • DOC/Bureau of Prisons
  • FBI Fugitive List
  • Canadian OSFI List
  • European Union Terrorist Sanctions List
  • Many other U.S. and International Watch Lists
  • County
  • Federal
  • OFAC Search
  • Drivers License History (DMV)
Skills Assessment, Testing and Training

The Skills Assessment portion of our process is also extremely detailed. Appropriate skill testing is selected and administered on a candidate-by-candidate basis under the direction of the JobGiraffe staff.

By utilizing over 1500 testing and evaluation products offered through the Prove It! system by Kenexa®, an IBM Company, an applicant's general skills such as math, spelling, grammar and proofreading skills and second language skills including Spanish, French, Italian, German and more, can be tested and evaluated.

To view the list of current available testing click here.

Plus, specific job skills such as accounting, customer service, legal terminology, medical terminology, typing and data entry speed, and overall knowledge of various office procedures can be accurately assessed.

Also, a candidate's computer skills and specific software knowledge will not only be accurately assessed at a basic, intermediate or advanced level on more than 500 specific software titles but, in some cases, software skills can be enhanced by the training portion of the module.

All testing and training done by JobGiraffe is free to the client and to the job seeker.

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