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Direct-Hire or Temp-to-Hire

Direct-Hire and Temp-to-Hire candidate sourcing, engagement, evaluation and scheduling are JobGiraffe’s core competencies. Our proprietary processes, combined with a surprisingly human approach, shape our unique sourcing strategies, job-by-job, in order to secure the best-of-the-best candidates on the market for your company to interview.

There is never a cost to pre-screen or interview any candidate through JobGiraffe, and our fee is only due if you decide to hire your new employee through JobGiraffe.

Temporary, Contract and Payrolling Services

As an experienced Business Owner, Hiring Manager or Human Resource Professional, you know making any Direct-Hire is a costly commitment. In a period of such great uncertainty, risk management is more important than ever.

Temporary, Contract and Payroll Staffing allow our clients to place certain types of new employees on JobGiraffe’s payroll for a specified amount of time before committing the employee to the client’s own payroll where benefits and other related costs must be recognized.

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Jobs We Fill

  • Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants
  • Experienced Office Assistants and Clerical Staff
  • Experienced Accounting and Bookkeeping Staff
  • Customer Service, Call Center and Contact Center Specialists
  • Technical Customer Service and Technical Call or Contact Center Specialists
  • Data Entry and Order Entry Specialists
  • Receptionists, Greeters and Front Desk Staff
  • Mailroom, Document Management and Facilities Specialists
  • Filing, Scanning, Records and Archive Management Staff
  • Entry Level with Two-Year or Four-Year Degree
  • Entry Level with High School Diploma or GED
  • Department Managers, Office Managers and Office Administrators
  • Project Managers and Account Managers
  • Sales – Outside, Inside, Business Development and Telemarketing Specialists
  • Degreed Accounting and Finance Professionals
  • Experienced Credit and Collections Specialists
  • Banking and Financial Services Professionals
  • Mortgage and Lending Professionals
  • Legal Secretaries, Legal Assistants and Paralegals
  • Courtroom, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Support Staff
  • Advertising, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media and PR Professionals
  • Human Resource, Recruiting, Compensation, Benefits and Payroll Professionals
  • Trainers and Training Professionals
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Experienced Medical Office, Medical Billing and Medical Claims Staff
  • Real Estate and Property Management Professionals
  • Experienced Association and Not-for-Profit Staff
  • Professionals for Charities, Development and Fundraising
  • Travel, Meeting and Event Planners and Hospitality Professionals
  • Trade Show and Convention Staff
  • Bilingual, Certified Translation and Transcription Specialists
  • Manufacturing and Operations Staff
  • Inventory, Purchasing, Procurement and Buying Specialists
  • Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • Import, Export and Customs Professionals
  • Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving Support Staff
  • Skilled Installation and Repair Specialists
  • Transportation and Logistics Specialists
  • IT, Network and Help Desk Professionals
  • Web Development, SEO and eCommerce Specialists 
  • CAD Software Specialists, Graphic Designers and Artists
  • Editing, Copywriting and Publishing Professionals
  • Any other office positions paying up to $150,000 annually