The JobGiraffe Process...

At JobGiraffe we believe it is very important for you to understand what to expect when you apply for one of our client’s positions. Let’s look more closely at the JobGiraffe process...

Five Facts About Working With JobGiraffe:

  1. JobGiraffe’s services are always FREE to the job seeker.

    All fees are paid for by our clients in return for our sourcing, pre-screening, testing, reference and background checking services.

  2. Not every job seeker will be selected for an interview by JobGiraffe.

    JobGiraffe will review your resume and determine whether your skills and qualifications are appropriate for our client's available position. In the event your resume is one of those selected, JobGiraffe will contact you about the application and interview process.

    This process is highly selective, so please note - given both the high volume of resumes we receive daily and the wide variety of client positions that JobGiraffe actively recruits for at any given time, the resume you have submitted today will be reviewed in relation to the position you are applying for today.

    If your resume is not selected for the position you are interested in, do not be discouraged. If you would like to increase your chances of being selected by JobGiraffe for client positions, we suggest that any future resume submissions be done carefully and appropriately on a position-by-position basis.

  3. If you are selected for an interview, JobGiraffe will want to know a lot about you.

    If you are invited into our offices, you will be asked to complete an in-depth application and have a personal interview with one of our consultants. Bring another copy of your resume and have important personal information and dates relating to your education, certifications, degrees, military service and past employment well organized and at hand. Eventually, each component of your education, military service (if any) and previous employment will be discussed and verified, and, in most cases, you will also be subjected to some amount of skill testing and other background checks*.

    But, if you are currently employed, your employer WILL NOT be contacted without your permission. Your job search will be handled with care and the utmost confidentiality.

    Please allow up to two hours for this very important part of the JobGiraffe process.

    *Background checks may include: criminal background, DMV, national wants and warrants, verification of education and degrees, previous employment, and reference checks. Our staff is well trained to help you through this process.

    *Testing may include: general skills, computer skills and software knowledge. These skills can be accurately assessed and even developed, if needed, by our web-based testing and training system.

  4. There is no guarantee that JobGiraffe will find you a job.

    It’s a highly competitive job market these days and getting the initial interview with JobGiraffe does not guarantee you will be hired by the client. Because we feel honesty is the best policy, in the current market, only approximately 1 in 10 of all the job seekers we interview and refer will be placed their first time around. So please, do not feel bad if you are not hired for the position you applied for.

    What JobGiraffe does guarantee is that we will use our considerable experience, energy, and professional resources to connect you with those clients who are looking for candidates with your type of education, skills and/or experience if you are not selected by the original client company.

  5. If we are not able to place you the first time around, we will keep your application and resume in our database and you can update your information every 90 days or apply again if you see a new position listed on our site that seems to suit your qualifications and we have not contacted you. Many years of experience have taught us that the market changes continually, so although we may not be able to place you today, that can easily change in the near future.

    And if we feel that it is truly unlikely we will be able to place you with one of our “for fee” clients we will tell you openly and honestly.

    If you’re not comfortable with this process, we understand, and JobGiraffe may not be the best choice for you at this time.

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