The JobGiraffe Process...

JobGiraffe's service are always FREE to the job seeker.

All fees are paid for by our clients in return for our sourcing and pre-screening services.

Not every job seeker will be selected for an interview by JobGiraffe.

JobGiraffe will review your resume based on the Candidate Profile associated with each job opening and select and contact those candidates with the most relevant background first.  

This process is highly selective, so please note, given both the high volume of resumes we receive daily and the wide variety of client positions that JobGiraffe actively recruits for at any given time, the resume you submit to any one of our client's open positions will be reviewed ONLY in relation to that position.

If your resume is not selected for the position you applied to, do not be discouraged.

You can apply on a job-by-job basis to as many positions through JobGiraffe as you feel you are qualified for based on the Candidate Profile.

If you do not fit the Candidate Profile, or come very close to it, you most likely will not be contacted.

If your resume is selected, JobGiraffe will require a screening.

In the event your resume is one of those selected, JobGiraffe will contact you and ask you to agree to a screening.

Screenings can be done by phone, Face Time or other various online meeting platforms during business hours OR before or after regular office hours, especially if you are currently employed.

If the screening is successful, the next step is to meet the Client Company.

Once the screening is complete, and if you and your JobGiraffe consultant agree that the position is a good match for you, the client company will be contacted by JobGiraffe and another phone screen or in-person interview will be scheduled for you and the client at a mutually agreeable time and place which JobGiraffe will coordinate.

Some testing or specific evaluations* MAY be required prior to your interview with the Client Company.

Whether testing or other evaluations are needed by JobGiraffe or the client directly, you will be informed of exactly what's required position-by-position.

After you meet with our Client Company, there may be a 2nd interview or you may need to meet additional people.

JobGiraffe will coordinate all client meetings for you.

There is no guarantee that JobGiraffe will find you a job.

Even if JobGiraffe selects your resume and you pass the initial screening and meet with a client of JobGiraffe, it does not guarantee you will be hired by our client.

BUT should you be the candidate that our client company selects, you are not required to accept any offer you are not genuinely interested in accepting.  The final decision to take or reject an offer is up to the candidate.

If I am not hired, then what?

If you are not hired for the position you applied to, your profile plus all other pertinent information about you will be kept in our database.

Then, if you apply again when you see a new position that suits your qualifications OR if a JobGiraffe Consultant feels you are well qualified for any new positions, you will be recontacted, a new screening in relation to the position will be scheduled, your information will be retrieved and the process will start again and now it will be even easier as many steps will already be completed!

What does JobGiraffe guarantee?

JobGiraffe guarantees we will use our considerable experience, energy, and professional resources to connect you with clients who are looking for candidates with your type of education, skills, experience or characteristics.

And, if we feel that it is truly unlikely we will be able to place you with one of our current client companies, we will tell you openly and honestly.

Many years of experience have taught us that the job market changes continually, so although we may not be able to place you today, that can easily change in the near future, so open and honest communication is always best.

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