Recent Grad Application

Unlike the usual job-seeking experience where you select specific job openings and send your resume in for consideration, this is an “open application”. You do not apply to a specific job – instead you answer a short questionnaire, attach your resume and let JobGiraffe match opportunities to you!

Please fill out our Recent Grad Application, attach a copy of your resume where indicated, submit the information and a JobGiraffe consultant will contact you.

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Out of these job categories, which of the following do you feel best fit your skills and interests? Select your top three.

Accounting: Tracking and controlling the money and/or assets moving into, going out of and/or remaining in a company or organization

Administrative / Office Support: Supporting and assisting senior, professional and/or creative staff within a wide variety of industries and fields

Banking: Assisting customers in managing their finances and/or other assets

Customer Service: Assisting customers and/or solving problems in person, by phone or via email within a wide variety of industries and fields

Event Planning / Exhibits / Trade Show / Travel: Assisting in the planning, organizing and execution of events that companies host and/or attend and, in many cases, tracking and/or managing any related expenses

Graphic Design: Creating innovative designs for a company’s products, packaging, visual marketing and/or website materials

Human Resources: Recruiting, hiring, and training employees, administering benefits, salary, and payroll, handling matters of policy, procedure and employee safety plus handling inquiries, disciplinary matters, mediating conflicts, etc.

Inside Sales / Business Development: Identifying and qualifying sales opportunities with new customers and/or building and developing relationships with existing customers via phone and/or email, in order to promote a product or service

Outside Sales / Business Development: Traveling locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally to identify and qualify sales opportunities with new customers and/or build and develop relationships with existing customers via in person meetings at customer locations or by phone and/or email, in order to promote a product or service

Information Technology: Performing various duties relating to a company's successful use of technology and/or technology products, such as internet connectivity, network capability, hardware needs and/or software development and/or needs, individually or as part of a team

Management: Completing management training programs and/or working directly under an experienced manager in order to develop people and/or project management skills

Marketing / Advertising / Public Relations / Social Media: Utilizing various methods and/or platforms to promote a product, brand or service

Purchasing: Buying certain products and/or raw materials to be used by a company in their manufacturing and/or distribution processes

Real Estate / Property Management: Selling, leasing and/or managing industrial, commercial and/or residential properties to a variety of clients

Supply Chain / Logistics: Assisting administratively (not from the actual production and/or warehouse floor) in the successful production, packaging, shipping and delivery of a product

Quality Control: Reviewing, inspecting and/or testing certain products or systems to make sure they follow standard procedures and protocols for safety, reliability, etc.

Web Content Development: Creating marketing and/or informational content for a company’s website

Writing/Editing: Writing, editing and/or proofreading any written content for a company, including instructional manuals and/or marketing materials

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