The JobGiraffe Difference...

Why JobGiraffe®?

Would your firm like to select and interview only those candidates who truly stand out above the crowd?

When you have an opening to fill, no other staffing firm will Reach Higher to find and deliver exceptional talent than JobGiraffe.

For nearly 50 years thousands of local companies and organizations have relied on JobGiraffe’s experienced professionals to provide the best selection of fully qualified and thoroughly vetted candidates to fill their positions efficiently, effectively and with total confidence.

What’s Reach Higher® All About?

Originally founded in 1964 as Paige Personnel Services, each year our team helps more client companies fill more openings than any other staffing firm in Chicago and the suburbs.

Why? Because our staff and our process make the difference!

Beginning with our staff; the average length of employment for a JobGiraffe consultant is almost 20 years. No other firm offers more years of experience and overall expertise in office staffing.

Next, our process is unmatched. Each candidate must submit an in-depth application and complete a behavior-based personal interview. Then, every facet of their employment history, education and military service, if applicable, will be verified. All skills and software proficiencies will be tested and assessed.

In addition to this extensive evaluation, our process always includes a criminal background check - even if your company does not require one. Any additional background checks unique to your pre-employment requirements can also be added, usually at no additional charge.

You will see only the best because we select only the best. JobGiraffe selects and refers only those exceptional candidates who are really qualified for the position you have open – and who really want the position you have open.

But - ultimately, the choice of who you hire is 100% yours.

That’s why there is never a fee to list a job opening with JobGiraffe or to interview any of our candidates. Our fee - a percentage of the employee’s starting annual salary - is only due if you hire one of our candidates. And there is no risk since all of JobGiraffe’s staffing services offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

JobGiraffe – Reach Higher®