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Why pay an agency fee in today's market?

Why in a time of higher unemployment would any company need or want to pay an agency fee?

Firms such as yours are learning the hard way that properly sourcing truly qualified candidates for open positions has become more and more difficult in recent years. Well-intentioned employers either receive little or no response to their postings or they are flooded with resumes from candidates who are sorely under-qualified, grossly overqualified or simply lacking any of the relevant background needed to fit the job requirements.

Those same well-intentioned employers then painstakingly wade through hundreds of resumes, spend countless hours screening them, go through rounds and rounds of interviewing, finally selecting the one candidate with the proper qualifications and, upon making an offer, learn that the candidate has taken another offer because their process took too long...

Or, what if the candidate of choice is still available and accepts the offer, but now that employer conducts their own reference and background investigation, and find the candidate's credentials do not check out and they must start the process all over again...

Or, worse yet, that same employer does not check the background properly and/or thoroughly, and the offer is made and accepted yet the false or adverse information is not exposed prior to the candidate's start...

Today, no employer or firm can afford to waste such valuable time or to make such serious hiring mistakes. This is why each year more and more companies are using JobGiraffe.

There is never a fee to list a job opening with JobGiraffe or to interview any of our candidates. Our fee is only due if you select one of our candidates — and there is no risk since all of JobGiraffe's staffing services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on our Pricing and Guarantees, please see the attached fee schedule. Just fill out this short form and tell us your needs. A JobGiraffe consultant will contact you by whatever method you prefer - email, office phone, or cell phone, and provide you with a no obligation consultation.

Or, if you prefer to speak with a JobGiraffe consultant right now, please go to Contact/Locations and select the JobGiraffe office nearest you.


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