Landscape Design Executive Assistant

Up to $40,000 to start

West Suburbs of Chicago - Lombard, IL

Position Type:
Full-time | Direct-hire

Job Description:

Executive Assistant - Assistant to Owner
Landscape Design & Construction
Up to $40,000 to start
West Suburbs of Chicago - Lombard, IL

As Assistant to the Owner for an innovative landscape design and construction company, you will:

- Provide administrative and project management support to the Owner
- Coordinate and facilitate large-scale interior and exterior landscape architecture and design projects
- Spend about 50% of your time in the office and about 50% of your time in the field
- Serve as a main point of contact for customers
- Assist customers with the landscape design and construction process
- Coordinate the project planning process
- Answer customer questions and inquiries
- Complete all required project documentation
- Maintain manual and electronic project files
- Cross-sell and up-sell additional services to clients as appropriate
- Troubleshoot issues as they arise

An ideal candidate profile will include EITHER:

A. At least 1 year of related/similar experience from the Landscaping or Landscape Design industry
B. A Bachelor's Degree in a related field


- Effective communication skills
- Strategic planning skills
- Project management skills
- Administrative skills
- The ability to consistently meet deadlines
- A valid Driver's License


- CAD experience / proficiency +++
- An experience with Landscape programs, such as Dynascape +++
- An Associate's or Bachelor's Degree, especially in a related field +++

JobGiraffe's client is an innovative interior and exterior landscape service.

Please submit your resume by using the Apply Now feature.

All resumes submitted will be reviewed based on the candidate profile listed above.

Candidates with the most relevant background will be selected first and asked to participate in a screening.

Initial screenings can be done by phone, FaceTime or Skype from 7AM to 7PM Mondays through Saturdays.

JG ID #20-1280 - Lombard, IL 60148

Relevant Skills, Experience, Industries:
Management Skills - People or Projects Construction/Trades/Skilled Labor/Repair Management Skills - People or Projects, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Utilities, Waste, Recycling

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