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Up to $80,000 to start plus bonus and excellent company-sponsored benefits...

Franklin Park - Near O'Hare Airport

Position Type:
Full-time | Direct-hire

Job Description:

Warehouse Manager
Up to $80,000 to start plus bonus and outstanding company-sponsored benefit package
Franklin Park Area - Near O'Hare Airport

As a Warehouse Manager, your job duties and responsibilities will include:

- Developing and leading the Warehouse Team
- Managing the inventory control, shipping, distribution, and logistics processes
- Ensuring accuracy in inventory control procedures, including stock checks, cycle counts and inventory reconciliations
- Training all warehouse staff to properly utilize the Warehouse Management System
- Executing daily stock movements in real time using the Warehouse Management System
- Overseeing stock location placement and put-away processes within the Warehouse Management System
- Maintaining optimal warehouse organization
- Ensuring compliance with all governing OSHA and FDA guidelines and regulations within the warehouse
- Developing and enforcing shipping and receiving compliance programs
- Ensuring outbound shipment requests are promptly and accurately executed
- Ensuring excellent customer service is included with every client delivery
- Performing other duties as assigned and as necessary

An ideal candidate profile will include the following experience:

- At least 5 years of warehouse management experience

- AND a Bachelor's Degree in ANY major

In addition to the following qualifications:

- Above-average overall computer proficiency
- Above-average communication skills
- The ability to lead, mentor and train others
- Responsibility and accountability for warehouse performance
- Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
- Organization and attention-to-detail in your work
- The ability to multitask and prioritize resources accordingly in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

PLUSES... Items that may enable you to stand out as a candidate for this job include:

+++ Experience using a Warehouse Management System

+++ Experience using SAP

+++ Experience using NetSuite

+++ A Bachelor's Degree and/or any advanced certification[s] in Supply Chain Management or a similar relevant discipline

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Candidates with the most relevant background will be selected first and asked to participate in a screening.

Initial screenings can be done in-person during office hours, before or after hours, by Skype or by phone if needed.

JG ID #19-1096 - Franklin Park, IL 60131

Relevant Skills, Experience, Industries:
Management Skills - People or Projects Supply Chain 2 - Logistics, Transportation, Dispatch, Warehouse, Freight, Import, Export, Customs, etc. Management Skills - People or Projects, Wholesalers, Brokers, Distributors, Retailers, Importers, Trade, Exchange


CANDIDATES PLEASE NOTE: At this time, no new resumes are being accepted for this job, although the position is still open. If you are interested in this position, please check back in 24 hours to see if its status has changed. Thank you!