Up to $80,000 to start plus full company-sponsored benefits

Northwest Side of Chicago - Near Oak Park

Position Type:
Full-time | Direct-hire

Job Description:

Warehouse Manager
Up to $80,000 to start plus full company-sponsored benefits
Northwest Side of Chicago - Near Oak Park

As the Warehouse Manager, your job duties will include:

- Planning, coordinating and managing all storage, handling, shipping and receiving activities within the warehouse
- Managing, organizing, directing and training warehouse employees
- Establishing, monitoring and managing production and operational goals
- Managing the work and quality of work in the warehouse to maximize efficiency and minimize overtime
- Working with the Purchasing Coordinator to maintain optimal inventory and supply levels
- Managing the warehouse's infrastructure, working to ensure safe and efficient operations with proper quality control
- Identifying and eliminating nonconforming products from inventory
- Coordinating with the Quality Manager to properly dispose of nonconforming products
- Identifying and taking immediate action to isolate and eliminate potential safety hazards
- Expediting priority shipments to ensure on-time deliveries
- Investigating and resolving unusual customer problems and/or order delays
- Enforcing company rules and promoting the company's core values
- Conducting performance evaluations and imposing disciplinary action as necessary
- Collaborating with the VP of Operations to strengthen SOPs and further establish best practice
- Performing other duties as necessary

An ideal candidate profile will include the following experience:

- At least five years of experience in warehouse operations
- Previous supervisory experience from a warehouse environment, managing a team of at least 10
- Experience using a warehouse management system / software
- Forklift experience

In addition to the following qualifications:

- The ability to organize, lead and motivate your team
- Above-average communication skills
- Relationship-building and interpersonal skills
- Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
- Organizational skills
- A focus on safety and ethical conduct
- Above-average overall computer proficiency
- The ability to consistently meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

PLUSES... That may enable your resume to stand out:

+++ Fluency in Spanish

+++ Experience with ISO and OSHA rules, regulations, standards and guidelines

+++ Experience using NetSuite

+++ An Associate's or Bachelor's Degree, especially in Supply Chain Management or similar

JobGiraffe's client is a successful industrial supplier of metals, steel and wire.

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Candidates with the most relevant background will be selected first and asked to participate in a screening.

Initial screenings can be done in-person during office hours, before or after hours, by Skype or by phone if needed.

JG ID #19-1180 - Chicago, IL 60639

Relevant Skills, Experience, Industries:
Management Skills - People or Projects Supply Chain 2 - Logistics, Transportation, Dispatch, Warehouse, Freight, Import, Export, Customs, etc. Management Skills - People or Projects, Wholesalers, Brokers, Distributors, Retailers, Importers, Trade, Exchange


CANDIDATES PLEASE NOTE: At this time, no new resumes are being accepted for this job, although the position is still open. If you are interested in this position, please check back in 24 hours to see if its status has changed. Thank you!