Compliance Engineer

Up to $80,000 to start with great company-sponsored benefits

Near North Suburbs - Skokie Area

Position Type:
Full-time | Direct-hire

Job Description:

Compliance Engineer
Lighting and Electrical Products Industry
Up to $80,000 to start with great company-sponsored benefits
Near North Suburbs - Skokie, IL

As a Compliance Engineer, you will be leading business relationships with third party safety and regulatory agencies.

You will also be responsible for coordinating product evaluations and certifications to applicable national and international standards.

Your job duties will include:

- Participating in the product design and review process
- Supervising Engineering Lab Personnel in the product testing process and related lab functions
- Ensuring products meet the required safety, energy efficiency and packaging standards
- Serving as the liaison for third-party agencies
- Providing data submissions to third-party agencies
- Coordinating with safety agencies to certify new and revised products
- Providing technical support in the pricing, design and manufacturing processes
- Processing product variation notices
- Answering compliance related questions, providing supporting documentation as required
- Maintaining detailed product files
- Coordinating third-party agency audits
- Initiating corrective action to product and process non-conformances
- Growing and developing the capability of the Engineering Lab Team
- Assisting with special projects and performing additional duties as necessary

An ideal candidate profile will include the following experience:

- At least two years of similar experience in a technical / mechanical / engineering environment

In addition to the following qualifications:

- A Bachelor's Degree in any discipline
- The ability to read and interpret engineering samples, drawings, blueprints, photos and documentation
- Problem-solving and decision-making skills
- Strategic-planning skills and a proactive nature
- Collaboration and follow-up skills
- Attention-to-detail in your work
- A comfort with numbers, data and spreadsheets
- The ability to coach, train and develop a team
- The ability to acquire and maintain familiarity with applicable agency standards for company products
- The willingness to stay informed about the rapidly changing regulatory landscape
- The desire to contribute to agency committees
- Above-average overall computer proficiency
- The ability to prioritize effectively and consistently meet deadlines

PLUSES... That may enable your resume to stand out:

+++ Experience with photometric, data acquisition and/or engineering laboratory software

+++ A Bachelor's Degree, Advanced Degree or certification[s] in a relevant/related discipline

JobGiraffe's client is a national leader in the lighting, electrical supply and DIY home improvement markets.

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JG ID #19-1228 - Skokie, IL 60077

Relevant Skills, Experience, Industries:
Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing, Refining

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